Another, fourfold

August 2nd - 15th 2013

Angela Conant
Seirin Nagano
Sirra Sigrún Sigurðardóttir
Yasmeen Sudairy

Four artists present work in conversation about structure, geometry, absence and location.

At a 2013 lecture, David Joselit spoke on “how we can think of the picture as a sort of spatial entity through its circulation.”

The Thousand-paged, collectively-read Newspaper is an interactive sculptural work which combines landscape and publication. I visited Vermont during it's bleak "mud-season" to interview staff at the Burlington Free press and to travel the countryside, documenting its wooded vastness. The paper’s content includes poetry that evokes the sense of isolation engendered in a rural context, alongside drawings of sheds and other hand-built backyard constructions: decapitated objects floating solitary and fragmented throughout the thousand pages. The sparse layout mirrors that of any northern U.S. inhabited rural landscape. When a viewer leafs through what may seem an endless grayness, they discover printed, drawn and collaged visual and text content. No single viewer could likely read through the whole piece in a sitting, so the paper is collectively read.     

With this work, I draw a visual connection between two theories: that a culture’s complex environment of objects reflects human needs and priorities and, similarly, that publications and news media are a visual, two-dimensional manifestation of a set of desires and interests.

This piece was exhibited at Interstate Projects from August 2nd - 14th, 2013.

Thousand-Paged Newspaper
digital print, pencil and collage one thousand pages of newsprint. Table: mdf and acrylic. Looped digital projection.
paper component: 8H x 30W x 22.75D inches