Angela Conant: Deuteranope

MAY 29 – JUNE 14, 2015

Angela Conant: Deuteranope was a solo exhibition of painting, projection, sculpture, and installation. Works were arranged according to their meaning in relationship to dark and light, inner and outer, consciousness and unconsciousness.

The Deuteranope painting diptych series are each comprised of one painting made in full-color, and a second painting which is formally identical but limited to colors visible to people with red-green color blindness on green-screen or TV-black painted surfaces. The paintings depicted plaster wall-mounted sculptures. These are casts of hand-drawn gestures in sand which were also on view and lit with red and green spotlights.

The video piece, Chroma Cast, is a fictional television news program that abstractly and sardonically explores the decline of objectivity in popular news media. This work, along with the installation, parodies television news through an interactive CCTV set and transparent application of humble materials.

Angela Conant: Deuteranope was presented by ICA Baltimore and hosted by Gallery CA from May 29th until June 14th 2014.

Review by Maura Callahan in Baltimore City Paper
Review by Joseph Shaikewitz in Post Office Art Journal