Opposite Day began shortly after election day, 2016, to counter-balance threats to information platforms. This publication includes writings found on social media: an efficient and perverted tool that is under surveillance, rife with false reporting, while also essential for individual expression and for calls to political resistance. As an annual publication, Opposite Day will serve as a record of its time, and is founded on the idea that archived analyses of the present will inform future decisions, like the ones that lead to the 2016 presidential election.

O.D. includes essays and articles by artists, writers, and the creative community, in reaction to the current US administration. Alongside long-form articles are printed social media posts that reflect the oppositional tone of their moment. Elevating a community's public posts to print, O.D. crystalizes thoughts which dearly need a trustworthy place to land.


Iris Cushing
Melanie Jelacic
Michelle Levy
Ernesto Pujol

Social Media Posts from:
Corina Copp
Grayson Cox
Cynthia Daignault
Michael Haddad
Kate Harding

Max Sherwood


Iris Cushing
Jen Liu
Jake Provencher
Hollis Witherspoon

Katie Holten
Dragana Jurisic
Bahareh Khoshooee
Wendy White

Guy Ben-Ari