A Screening
September 30, 2017

with short videos by

Irina Arnaut
Angela Conant
Mores McWreath

A series of short videos followed by a feature film organized by Angela Conant and Max Sherwood, this is the first screening at Glenlily Grounds, an annual outdoor sculpture exhibition curated by Lacey Fekishazy. 

Inside Voice is a selection of short films which use surreality - and alternately, humor - to portray the conflict and privilege of white America. Mores McWreath confronts his own cultural identity through a series of rapid fire "Spots," in which each 15-second video is a window into the psyche of the generic white man. Irina Arnaut’s “Playboy” spans the comedy and bitterness of the societal gaze on the cis-female though a series of masterful vignettes sharply depicting Playboy magazine cartoons with real life actors. In Angela Conant's work, a Saudi Arabian woman (Conant’s frequent collaborator, Yasmeen Sudairy) grasps to answer an anonymous lipsticked American’s sterile survey questions on national identity.