Published by the Artist
Self-Published Editions by 150 artists
Curated by Angela Conant and Grayson Cox
with Organization-in-Residence The Sunview Luncheonette
September 22 - October 5, 2017

For this year's Published by the Artist benefit exhibition, in addition to donations of fine art editions, participating artists have been invited to create risograph editions in IPCNY’s new workshop space, as part of a collaboration with The Sunview Luncheonette. These editions will be available for sale during the exhibition.

"The Sunview Luncheonette is a storefront on pause; a member-based social club; a microvenue for art, poetics, regionalism, mutual aid, and commoning. The Luncheonette performs semi-public dinners, talks, work-shops, lectures, plays, reading groups, and musical interludes in a semi-private setting. It is resistant to traditional forms of commerce, commodification, and gentrification. It is above all, an “approach,” and least of all, an “outcome.” It is unknown. It is hopeful. It saves you a seat at the counter. "